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Experience Summer in Lofoten

Active Holidays in Lofoten

Stay onboard M/S Gamle Salten, Northern Norway's equivalent to the Orient Express with unique mountain tours and local food prepared by international Olympic gold medal winning chefs. Half price for children under 16. Family package from 29 700,-

From 9 900 NOK p.p.

Mountain tours, Surfing, Fishing, Rib-Safaris, Culture and Cuisine

Discover Lofoten in Summer!

Join us for an active experience/adventure holiday in Lofoten staying onboard Northern Norway's maritime version of the Orient Express. A true boutique experience with a maximum of 40 guests on board and local food delicacies prepared and served by Olympic gold winners from the national team. Spend your days with guided hikes to Lofoten’s most beautiful mountains, and immerse yourself in some of the best experiences that Northern Norway has to offer; mountain walks with spectacular views, surfing in Northern Europe's most legendary/iconic surf spot, fishing on traditional fishing vessels, hiking in picturesque fishing villages, local art, culture & cuisine.

We are based in Lofoten's most charming fishing village, Henningsvær and delight in life aboard the nostalgic M / S Gamle Salten. The ship is perfectly located on the quay at Kvitbrygga where you overlook the Lofoten wall and can make the most of the midnight sun. A superb starting point for active experiences, where you can take a dip straight from the pier in the early morning and then head out on the unique tours/adventures to be found in beautiful Lofoten.

Come to Lofoten at the finest time of the year; in July and August we can make the most of the long days and bright summer nights in the north. Discover Lofoten with a week, or 4 or 5 days of tailor-made activities for adults and children. Days and evenings filled with Northern Norwegian nature experiences, activities, local food from the region and a warm social community.

Accommodation M / S Gamle Salten on the quay, Kvitbrygga Henningsvær
Language English / Norwegian
Skill level Suitable for families, couples, groups of friends. Hiking for all ability levels, Children from 6 years old
Duration 1 week / 5 days / 4 days
Dates/Period June-August 2020/2021/2022
Meals Breakfast and lunch packages every day. Some three-course dinners from Arctic Adventure Cuisine.
Price From NOK 9,900, - p.p.
Half price for children under 16
Not included Flights, alcohol, soft drinks and some dinners
Payment terms See terms
Active Holidays in Lofoten – Norwegian Adventure Company
What’s included?

Included in the price!

4, 5 or 7 day options
3, 4 or 6 night’s accommodation
Stay onboard M/S Gamle Salten
Breakfast, packed lunch and some dinners
Guide / Mountain Guide
Bespoke mountain tours
Weather wandering
Bus transport
Museum and Gallery visits
Who should go?

A week with new experiences every day!

  • For families, couples and groups of friends
  • One week, / 5 days / 4 days with accommodation onboard M / S Gamle Salten moored on the quay at Kvitbrygga overlooking the Lofoten wall.
  • Active experiences
  • Guided / organised activities
  • Guided mountain walks
  • Weather Walking in Lofoten's coolest fishing village; Henningsvær
  • Activity leaders / hosts
  • Possibility to spend the night on the pier
  • Free WiFi on board
What options are there?

Bookable experiences along the way!

  • Surfing on Lofoten's most legendary surf spot
  • The great fishing adventure, fishing trips on traditional fishing boats
  • Beachlife, swimming and campfires
  • SUP (Stand up paddle board) outside Kvitbrygga
  • Evening tour and rib safari along the Lofoten wall
  • Trollfjord cruise with Vaaghals, Targa 37
  • Midnight Sun and Champagne Cruise with Vaaghals, Targa 37 (2 hours)
  • Day trip on the yacht Stella Oceana to Trollfjord with lunch and fishing opportunities (6 hours)
  • Midnight sun cruise combined with fishing options (4 hours) Stella Oceana (4 hours)
  • Sea eagle and rib safari
  • Options for climbing / kayaking / trail / mountain biking / jetski / private sightseeing / bike hire
This is the activity holiday we have dreamed of in Lofoten! Fantastic turnkey arrangements with activities for everyone.
Lofoten Adventure Week

8 good reasons to go

Norwegian Adventure Company

Reach the summit

Let the whole family experience the joy of getting to the top of several of Lofoten's beautiful mountain peaks. Led by knowledgeable guides in small groups.

Norwegian Adventure Company

The great fishing adventure

Head out into the fjord in search of ‘the big one’ and get a taste of Lofoten fishing!

Norwegian Adventure Company

The world's most beautiful coast

Experience the world's most beautiful coastline and fjords with the Lofoten Wall as the highlight.

Norwegian Adventure Company

From mountain peaks to the shore

The tours start and finish on the shoreline, often on beaches reminiscent of the Caribbean.

Norwegian Adventure Company

The fishing village with the world's coolest wibe

Henningsvær is the world's friendliest fishing village. Once you have experienced the unique atmosphere here, it’s a place you’ll always long to return to!

Norwegian Adventure Company

Arctic surf

Feel the adrenalin with a spectacular surf session at Unstad Arctic Surf. Learn some tricks from great instructors and eat an authentic, excellent surf lunch at Marion’s/with Marion.

Norwegian Adventure Company

Based on M/S Gamle Salten

Onboard M/S Gamle Salten you’ll enjoy Northern Norway's most charming, old Hurtigruten ship. With Norwegian maritime history oozing from the walls, cosy lounges and common areas. There are nice restaurant areas and Kvitbrygga to use as a lounge space, this is an extraordinary holiday.

Norwegian Adventure Company

Local food experiences

Taste some of the best local raw ingredients from Nordland, Troms and Finnmark, prepared by some of Norway's leading chefs. Arctic Adventure Cuisine gives you the taste of Northern Norway.


Lofoten and Henningsvær


The world's most beautiful island kingdom

Lofoten is known for fantastic mountains, deep fjords, good fishing, and idyllic fishing villages. Experience the incredible light, with the midnight sun in summer. Join us at the summits of Lofoten’s magnificent mountain peaks, or for fishing adventures, surfing, mountain biking and experience the region and this spectacular archipelago from the seaward side.

Explore Lofoten


One of Lofoten’s most popular fishing villages

Go to Henningsvær and experience the unique atmosphere in the fishing village that connects international impulses with charm and history.

Explore Henningsvær

Active Holidays in Lofoten

Additional Activities

Book one or more additional activities on your next holiday in Lofoten!

See and book activities

Active Holidays Lofoten


Choose between 1 week, 5 days or 4 days. See an example of a basic daily programme in the table below.

1 week (Thursday-Thursday)) 4 days (Thursday-Sunday) 5 days (Sunday-Thursday)
Thursday Arrival Day: Weather walk, afternoon snack & dinner – incl. Arrival day: Weather walk, afternoon snack & dinner – incl.
Friday Guided mountain hike, afternoon snack & dinner – incl. Guided mountain hike – incl.
Saturday Optional activities, see our programme - not incl. Optional activities, see our programme - not incl. - afternoon snack & dinner incl.
Sunday Optional activities, see our programme - not incl. Departure day: Visit gallery KaviarFactory – incl. Arrival day: Weather walk, afternoon snack & dinner - incl.
Monday Guided mountain hike – incl. Guided mountain hike, afternoon snack & dinner – incl.
Tuesday Optional activities, see our programme - not incl. Optional activities, see our programme - not incl.
Wednesday Guided hike, afternoon snack & dinner – incl. Guided hike, afternoon snack & dinner – incl.
Thursday Departure Day: Visit Gallery KaviarFactory – incl. Departure Day: Visit Gallery KaviarFactory – incl.
Meals Breakfast and lunch packs every day, 3 x three course dinners from Arctic Adventure Cuisine. Breakfast and lunch packs every day, 2 x three course dinners from Arctic Adventure Cuisine. Breakfast and lunch packs every day, 2 x three course dinners from Arctic Adventure Cuisine.
Dates June 25 - July 2
July 2 - July 9
July 9 - July 16
July 16 - July 23
July 23 - July 30
July 30 - August 6
August 6 - August 13
June 25 - June 28
July 2 - July 5
July 9 – July 12
July 16 - July 19
July 23 - July 26
July 30 – August 2
August 6 - August 9
June 28 - July 2
July 5 - July 9
July 12 – July 16
July 19 - July 23
July 26 - July 30
August 2 - August 6
August 9 - August 13
Price per Adult from 19 900,- NOK 9 900,- NOK 11 900,- NOK
Half price for Children under 16 9 950,- NOK 4 950,- NOK 5 950,- NOK

Stay onboard M/S Gamle Salten alongside Kvitbrygga

Surrounded by experiences - at the heart of the adventures - views of the Lofoten wall.

Active Holidays in Lofoten – Norwegian Adventure Company

Welcome to this rustic setting, just outside the "village traffic", but within walking distance of everything in the fishing village of Henningsvær. M / S Gamle Salten is moored on the quay at Kvitbrygga as a hotel and restaurant ship. With fabulous views of the Lofoten Wall, take your morning coffee out on the deck and enjoy the view! You can choose between double cabins and single cabins, showers and bathrooms facilities are available in the common areas.

Active Holidays in Lofoten – Norwegian Adventure Company Active Holidays in Lofoten – Norwegian Adventure Company Active Holidays in Lofoten – Norwegian Adventure Company Active Holidays in Lofoten – Norwegian Adventure Company

Afternoon vibe at Kvitbrygga. In the afternoons you can swim from Kvitbrygga, warm up in the hot tub, take a SUP tour or just hang out. Invited DJs play here throughout the summer.

Enjoy local snacks, let the kids play games, take a ride on the SUP, get arty and draw or jump from the dock. Feel the distinctive vibe in the crossroads between the history and nostalgia of Gamle Salten and Kvitbrygga’s, 2020 funky lounge atmosphere.

Down to earth, authentic and honest, just like the dining experiences provided in the on-board restaurant from Arctic Adventure Cuisine.

Active Holidays in Lofoten

Who do the tours suit?

Our tours are tailored to the group that travels with us. Fitness levels, ambition and wishes guide decision making!

With several guides available, we also have the opportunity to divide the groups into different age and ability levels. This makes it possible to gather the extended family across generations from grandparents through to grandchildren. The tours are suitable for children from 6 years old.

Arctic Adventure Cuisine

A fantastic experience of the North - also on the plate!

Gutsy, honest, uncomplicated and truly North Norwegian.

As an adventure company, we want you to experience some of the best world-class local produce that Northern Norway has to offer.

Based on this, we have developed the Arctic Adventure Cuisine dining experience in collaboration with Bocuse d 'Or chef Gunnar Hvarnes. In the menu we have specialties from more than 30 small and large local producers from the areas between Lofoten, Tromsø. and Finnmark.

The special thing about the Arctic climate is that it’s very cold, so everything grows slower. It gives the food a more distinct taste.
Fredrik Lundgren, Chef on Arctic Haute Route

New Nordic style

Arctic Adventure Cuisine showcases some of the really great ingredients the region has to offer - from the deep fjords to the mountains and farms. Through meals served on the Arctic Haute Route, we will convey some of the fascinating, Northern Norwegian culture and traditions, but presented in a New-Nordic style.

The menu is developed by one of Norway's foremost culinary experts, Gunnar Hvarnes, and prepared by some of the country's most talented young chefs. In creating this we hope you will have a wonderful experience of the north - also on the plate!

Fantastic week in Lofoten for the whole family!

Active Holidays in Lofoten

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Practical information

Flight, check-in and departure

Arrivals day you fly in to Helle Airport, Svolvær which is approx. 40 minutes by bus from Henningsvær and check in onboard M / S Gamle Salten between 14:00 - 16:00. Book early to guarantee the best flights and prices.

Norwegian Adventure Company crew will welcome you at the airport on all incoming flights between 12:00 – 16:30. Check for flights from Oslo to Helle Airport, Svolvær.

Departure day you are transported by bus to Svolvær airport which is approx. 40 minutes away from the tour areas. You arrive at Helle Airport, Svolvær approx. 17:30, so book your flight after 18:00.

If you want to stay in Lofoten for more adventures, we are happy to arrange this, whether it’s hiking tours, cultural experiences or something else you have in mind! Contact us and we will help you.

Take the opportunity to come to Lofoten earlier or extend your stay to explore the world's most beautiful archipelago and to experience the city and surrounding areas. We are happy to assist with accommodation, activities and guidance on what to bring.

E-mail us at or +47 22 55 60 50.

Equipment & packing list

What to pack for the hike?

Pack your clothes and boots in a large North Face bag (waterproof 100-140 L is recommended). Take your day rucksack on board the aircraft. Bring mountain gear and clothing for three or four days of trips, and casual outfits for travel, dinner and social occasions. The atmosphere on board is relaxed and the cabins are small, so make a capsule collection and leave your fancy clothes at home!

Active Holidays in Lofoten – Norwegian Adventure Company
Tour Rucksack (20 - 40 L)

Recommended tour equipment

  • Hiking boots – waterproof / Gore-tex membrane
  • First aid box (with: Compeed plasters for rubbing, sports tape, etc.)
  • Thin gloves for the ascent, thicker gloves for the descent
  • Two hats (one thin hat for the ascent and one wool hat for the descent)
  • Wool underwear and socks
  • Helmet and goggles
  • Sunglasses and high factor sunscreen
  • Thin fleece jacket
  • Thin down jacket for cold days and rest breaks on the summits
  • Shell pants and jacket (wind and waterproof)
  • Small thermos for coffee, tea and hot water etc.
  • 2 x 1L water bottles
  • Large Bag (100 – 140 L)

    Other things to take

  • Pack in a large, waterproof bag to keep clothes and equipment dry
  • Casual clothes for dinner and socialising: jeans, chinos, sweaters, shirts, fleeces
  • Trainers or low Gore-Tex shoes that you use on board
  • Extra socks and sports underwear (wool) for 3 days of trips

  • Welcome to the land of the Midnight Sun for amazing mountain hikes and a fantastic experience north of the Arctic Circle!

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