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Norwegian Adventure Company

Creating days you’ll remember – for the rest of your life.

Norwegian Adventure Company (NAC) is an adventure and cruise company with offices in Oslo and Lofoten. NAC was started by Nina Kristine Madsen-Geelmuyden and Fredrik Geelmuyden in 2012. We are a family-run business that, along with our network of guides and adventurers, has turned passion for Northern Norwegian nature and experiences into our way of life.

We research, develop and produce our own adventure and experience concepts in Arctic Northern Norway that combine:

  • Fantastic scenery
  • Tailor-made active adventures
  • Local culture & history
  • Culinary experiences from the region
  • Welcoming and inclusive social arenas
  • Holistic and complete experiences

Our arrangements bring together people with similar interests and passions, irrespective of age and gender, and always provide a welcoming and inclusive social arena. Together with you, our guests, we’ll create memorable experiences and days you’ll remember - for a lifetime.

Creating days to remember is our mission statement at Norwegian Adventure Company

Creating days to remember er vår visjon i Norwegian Adventure Company. – Norwegian Adventure Company
Creating days to remember er vår visjon i Norwegian Adventure Company.
Nina Kristine Madsen-Geelmuyden – Norwegian Adventure Company

Nina Kristine Madsen-Geelmuyden

+47 411 60 756

Nina Kristine Madsen-Geelmuyden co-founded the company with Fredrik, and is responsible for daily operations, communication, marketing and customer relations. She grew up in the north, but lives in the south, and longs for the nature, places and people of the far north when she's not there.

Nina-Kristine is a ski touring enthusiast who loves to strive up mountainsides, preferably with oceans on both sides, and then set the perfect line to ski down to the shore. In the summer she gets immense pleasure walking in the mountains or windsurfing in the ocean.

Nina Kristine holds a Master’s degree in energy management and economics from the University of Nordland and MGIMO University in Moscow, and Spanish from Complutense University in Madrid. She has been a Fellow of NUPI, the Export Committee for Fish in Madrid (Internship), eight years in the Ministry of Petroleum and Energy (OED), and two years as VP of Communications for Bulk Infrastructure.

Fredrik Geelmuyden – Norwegian Adventure Company

Fredrik Geelmuyden

Sales & Operations
+47 977 55 578

Fredrik Geelmuyden co-founded the company with Nina Kristine, and is responsible for sales, agents and commercial partnerships. He grew up in Oslo, a southerner who fell head over heels in love with the north; the nature, places and people.

Fredrik is a passionate skier, climber and windsurfer who has been chasing steep mountainsides, powder and winds all his life. He has an economics degree from the University of Bradford in England, and extensive experience as a leader in a number of international IT and consulting firms. In 2005 he made a full turnaround and moved to Hemsedal, where he swapped his suits and Armani glasses with Gore-Tex and goggles, to work for SkiStar for 12 years.

Since then he’s founded the communications agency MANITU (2008) and the adventure company Norwegian Adventure Company with Nina Kristine (2012). At Manitu, he has worked with strategic communications for, amongst others: SkiStar, Monster, NICE, Rubicon, Feelgood, Destination Hemsedal, TV 2, Alpinco and Visit Geilo.

Gorm Gorm Gunleiksrud – Norwegian Adventure Company

Gorm Gorm Gunleiksrud

Managing Director of Norwegian Adventure Guides

Gorm Gunleiksrud is the Managing Director of Norwegian Adventure Guides and certified mountain guide IFMGA through Nortind. He has extensive experience in professional guiding, avalanche training and other relevant, high-level safety training.

Norwegian Adventure Company – Norwegian Adventure Company

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